You are the ice pack on my head when it’s a million degrees out. You are the food that I forgot that I had in the fridge. You are cold and you live in my kitchen. 

Things may not always be perfect but I have awesome friends and this hella cool boy and they all really care about me, and now I’m just trying to care about me too. I need to take better care of myself because I deserve a good night of sleep, a shower and breakfast before work, and time to relax.


Indian Heaven Wilderness, WA. June 26.

untitled by Randy P. Martin on Flickr.

My sister just sent me this photo with the caption “Home is where the heart is”- she’s roadtripping around the US with her two best friends and it looks like heaven to me. 


Morning rays on Diablo Lake, North Cascades NP ➾ Jayme Gordon

Studies show that I am exponentially more approachable when in the company of thoselonelyeyes


#ScoutForth today, folks! Photo by @tlivs

Anatomy of songs

Just got the coolest mail ever from smaller-scale & thoselonelyeyes!! Thanks for the cameras and the playlist cd! You are both awesome!

ahh! Glad you like it!! The CD is really good, I may have previewed it before i sent it to you ;)

vegan oreo thickshake / recipe